Fear … we all feel this from time to time -that is human nature – instinct, but it is what we do with this emotion that counts most.

I have worked with children with special needs and families for 24 years. Some parents receive these special babies with open arms and open hearts, some with hearts filled with fear. As baby yoga teachers there are times perhaps when a parent of one of these special babies may wish to join our group, and sometimes, if we are honest, our initial response can also have a hint of fear too as questions start to filter around our minds … “how will I manage to adapt baby yoga for this baby, are inversions appropriate?…”.

Fear no more. Having qualified in 2002 as a Birthlight baby yoga teacher I wrote my course study on baby yoga for babies with special needs. Shortly after qualifying Francoise sent me on a training that changed my life (Yoga for the Special Child, with Sonia Sumar). With that knowledge and my years of experience I wrote a 2-day course accompanied by a manual to help baby yoga teachers feel confident to accept these wonderful babies into their groups. With Sally Lomas’s help I am now developing a new CPD as a taster for this course but one which will give teachers some tools to help work with these special babies and their parents/carers. In this one day session we will discuss babies with Downs’ Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Reflux.

Here is a quote from a mum of a gorgeous baby with Downs’ Syndrome who attended my baby yoga class recently …

“Attending Jay’s baby yoga group has been a lovely experience. Yoga is so beneficial for my daughter and having a teacher who has been both understanding and responsive to her needs has been the key. Any positions and activities that needed to be, were sensitively adapted so that we always took a full part in the sessions and had great fun. Thank you for the fab introduction to baby yoga.
Love Jo”