This course is suitable for babies from four months to around eleven months (mobile). Infant Yoga is a natural progression of baby massage. The yoga allows your infant the freedom to stretch, relax and have fun in a safe setting.

The Benefits of Baby Yoga

  • Can increase your baby's body awareness and confidence as he/she grows
  • Promotes and maintains flexibility and suppleness of their muscles and joints
  • Can strengthen your infant's spine
  • Gives your child a feel for exercise and physical stimulation
  • The movement supports and promotes development of their vestibular system
  • The specially designed exercises help the baby to develop co-ordination of the brain and body
  • Supports and helps to regulate your infant's sustaining systems, including breathing, circulation, digestion, and elimination
  • The classes provide an opportunity for you to exercise with your baby
  • Teaches both you and your baby how to relax by providing shared relaxation time at the end of each session

Baby yoga really is yoga for your baby. During this eight-week course you will learn some wonderful yoga exercises and sequences. There will be techniques that can help with sleep, tackling the discomfort of teething and postures which can help your baby’s hand to eye co-ordination. The course is a “parent’s tool kit” as well as being fun.

Baby yoga is best suited to babies from around three and a half months to active crawling and no previous yoga experience is necessary.

Our course includes baby signing, which aids your babies communication and eventual speech and language as well as of ways to hold and lift your babies to support your own backs. This class will allow you both to exercise together, though the emphasis is on your baby.

When and Where

The Royal Free Hospital Recreation Club,
Fleet Road, Hampstead, NW3 2QG

Mondays: 10.15 – 11.15

For class details and costs please email Jay as booking is necessary for these classes.For class details and costs please email Jay as booking is necessary for these classes.

Find out more…

For more information, please contact Jay either by email or telephone 020 8883 3234

Please note: no refunds will be given on any grounds once a course has commenced